Consistency is the key to success.

Create a goal and commit to 100 milestones

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What is the Law of 100?

Contrary to the traditional emphasis on immediate results, the Law of 100 prioritizes the journey over the destination. It encourages individuals to commit to their craft by completing the first 100 iterations without fixating on perfection. By embracing quantity over quality initially, the methodology fosters continuous improvement through experimentation, learning from mistakes, and gradual refinement.

Who is the Law of 100 for?

The Law of 100 is for anyone seeking to master a new skill, launch a project, or achieve personal growth. Whether you're an aspiring podcaster, entrepreneur, artist, or learner, this approach is designed to help you excel through consistency.

Why use the Law of 100

Start implementing the Law of 100 whenever you embark on a new venture or aim to enhance your skills. Its importance lies in the principle of consistent practice without being overly concerned about immediate success. This approach is useful for fostering resilience, learning from experience, and ultimately achieving a higher level of proficiency over time.

Inpsired by Million Dollar Weekend from Noah KaganMillion Dollar Weekend